Famous Bodyguard about Castleevents

One day I received a discrete request, by mail. The client called himself "Castleevents". I had never heard of it. Immediately I looked at the homepage. There you can see women in cocktail dresses, masks, champagne and men in tuxedos

Das Buch des Bodyguards

On the day of the event, I find myself in time at the castle, in a very elegant and prosperous area. I am very impressed by the location and its gorgeous presentation. It quickly becomes clear to me that this event will only take place with very well selected artists, service providers and guests. My job is to receive the mysterious guests, escort them from the gate into the building and ask for the password. No problem, with such selected guests easy work.

At some point I notice a very attractive and polite couple. It drives with an extremely hot sports car with foreign registration. The woman hides her face with a striking mask, which is decorated only with rhinestones. I ask the Lord for his password. Without a word, he lifts his hand out of the window. He wears the Founder Ring - for me the sign to let him pass without further questions. I assign him a parking space and help the lady when getting out. Later in the evening, I patrol through the rooms and corridors several times. Here I meet the lady from the elegant sports car again. It seems she is looking for something on the carpet. I ask her politely but with the necessary distance, if I can possibly help her. She explains to me in English that she has lost an earring and this could possibly even be in one of the Séparées. There it was so dark that she could make it impossible. I accompany the lady in the said room. Several couples are enjoying themselves here. It is very warm and dark. Only candles illuminate the room and the chill-out music underscores the abstract and somehow surreal scene of the intertwined lovers. Looking for an earring in this unusual situation, apart from the darkness and the rich distraction, seems to me almost impossible for a moment. I draw my flashlight and light the ground. Meanwhile, the lady smiled sheepishly and points to a plush sofa: "May be it is over there. I was there with my husband. "Two ladies are lolling in a very provocative pose on the said sofa. They say something in a language unknown to me and laugh. I ask as politely and discreetly as possible: "Excuse me please, may I take a look under the lounger? One of the two women laughs and says: "Honey, you can take a look wherever you like!" She strokes her legs, then higher towards the pubic bone. My eyes inevitably fall on their suspenders, where I suddenly see something sparkling. I shine my flashlight along her leg and discovered the missing earring that got caught in the tip. I smile at the lady a bit embarrassed, but also a bit mischievous and replied: "Well, I have already seen what." I point to her leg. She understands immediately and frees the earring from the lace fabric. Immediately I turn away from the entangled women, the lady, next to the now also her companion. I give her the earring. Visibly pleased and relieved, they invite me for a glass of champagne. Of course I refuse this politely, because even without alcohol, it is difficult enough to maintain the composure in this ambience.

In the end, I had probably done the job so well that a Europe-wide, regular collaboration with the client Castleevents has emerged. Apparently, the security people in front of me had not managed to keep a cool head in such extraordinary situations and to remain polite and reserved. There were probably more bodybuilders before. And we see ourselves as discrete service providers - even in situations that could somehow upset you!

Kuhr Security 

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