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Most people can not afford to live their dreams and live their lives in the bleak reality. Often, the only bright spot is the well-deserved summer vacation, which unfortunately goes much too fast. Castleevents is also the light at the end of a dark tunnel, because the company acts according to the motto: Dreams are there to live! For over 10 years, Castleevents has been committed to bringing like-minded, stylish people into a luxurious and unique environment. To achieve this goal, exclusive parties are held several times a year in selected venues where members of the community may participate. These so-called "Eyes Wide Shut Parties" take place in a mystical and yet very pleasant atmosphere and are strictly structured to offer the top-class guests an unforgettable experience.

Since the company attaches great importance to the protection of its guests, the wearing of masks to preserve the anonymity of the individual visitors, especially at the beginning of the party is an absolute must. Similarly, a certain dress style is required to preserve the aesthetics, beauty and exclusivity of events in the style of Eyes Wide Shut parties. The in-house shop sells handmade Venetian masks made of the finest materials to the arriving guests. Likewise robes from the most exquisite fabrics belong to the unique assortment. These are to be worn at the ceremony, which represents the symbolic transition from the ordinary world to the erotic world.

At the Castleevents parties, visitors experience a very special event where the problems and worries of everyday life disappear for a moment and are replaced by love, lust and devotion. This is done in a place of tranquility and sensuality that is a welcome change in today's digitized and hectic world. Here the exclusive guests have the opportunity to meet other beautiful people, to make friends and live their erotic fantasies under the highest safety standards.

For the safety of the guests, the already well-rehearsed security team takes care of the events. Thus, not only the physical security of the guests can be guaranteed, but also the anonymity and discretion, which is especially for female visitors usually a big concern.


mystic men

mystic men

While the specially trained Securities take care of the safety of esteemed guests during the event, another part of the team looks after the anonymity of guests on the Internet. The World Wide Web does not forget - and for this very reason Castle Events has a great need to protect not only the personal data of its guests, but also possibly erotic photographs.

To preserve the anonymity of the guests, the rules at Castle Events stipulate that only photos of bodies or hidden faces may be uploaded. All other photos are sorted out and deleted during the process. This measure has the advantage that the guests can remain relatively undisclosed among each other. In addition, this provision prevents identity theft or misuse. In general, only images that do not violate the rights of third parties and that are protected by copyright may be uploaded.

Stylish erotic pictures are particularly in demand, whereby not only nudity, but also sexual acts may be portrayed on them. When placing such images online, however, more emphasis should be placed on the unrecognizability of the face and aesthetics. Photos that are not in compliance with the policy or that constitute prohibited acts or otherwise will also be deleted by our team immediately.




As Castleevents places great emphasis on aesthetics and high-level compliance, all images are reviewed prior to release. It is ensured that photographs are always aesthetic and represent only the user in order not to violate the rights of third parties. Additionally, Castle Events does not allow uploading comics, cartoons, or protected images. Such pictures are deleted immediately by the team.

At the world's most exclusive event organizer of erotic events, photographs representing sensual erotica or stylish pornography are allowed and even desired. Through the visual uploads, the members become aware of each other and can contact each other, for example, to appear together at the next Eyes Wide Shut Party. Here, soul mates and like-minded people get to know each other in a relaxed, imaginative atmosphere and gain experience together under the aspect of complete discretion and anonymity.




Even in the world of Castleevents, the line between pornography and eroticism is very fluid. In general, stylish pornography and sensual eroticism are both allowed and appreciated. Castleevents supports erotic art and even allows uploading images that explicitly show erotic action. The only condition is that the photographs should be aesthetic. In addition, it is important not to infringe the rights of third parties and copyright of photographers and other persons by uploading. Sparkling, sensual and provocative shots characterize the online format of Castle Events and are also very welcome.

Each member can set individually, who has insight into his private pictures and who can not and can give exactly as much of himself and possibly of his partner price, as it wishes.


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