secret women at an Eyes Wide Shut Party

Photography & movies

Memory pictures will be made exclusively by Castleevents with the agreement of the guest. The use of digital devices, including mobile phones, is forbidden for guests during the party.

For the organizers of Castle Events discretion and secrecy is a very important concern, which is why any cooperation with photographers is waived. This keeps Castle Events in full control of copyright and all images are copyrighted. Of course, the photographs are approved by all participants before being published in digital media. As an added safeguard to Castle Event guests, the use of digital devices (including cell phones) is prohibited throughout the event. This avoids the creation of illegal memory images and protects the privacy of each individual guest. As an additional protection of the anonymity of the guests, it is sometimes necessary for the Castle Events to wear masks and capes at individual stages of the parties. These can be borrowed or purchased in the  shop Boutique d´Amour. In order to offer visitors only the most unusual items in terms of "clothing", Castle Events also produces masks and capes in private factories in Italy and Spain. It goes without saying that only the finest fabrics such as bast, velvet and silk are used, which ultimately shows not only the filigree workmanship but also the majestic look of the accessories. Equipped with the necessary tools, visitors can immerse themselves in an imaginative world of passion and lust, where they can fantasize with like-minded people and gain stylish experiences, and forge contacts, friendships and maybe even relationships on all possible levels.

Where dreams and fantasies come true

Secret fantasies, secret desires and previously unfulfilled dreams that all get under your skin - these are the cornerstones of the Eyes Wide Shut World, a film adaptation of the bestseller "Traumnovelle", which is one of the works of the important Viennese writer Arthur Schnitzler. The filming of Stanley Kubrick sparked and inspired the most secret fantasies of thousands upon thousands of people. However, there was always a lack of opportunity to meet like-minded people and live out those fantasies until "Castle Events" was launched several years ago. Since then, people around the globe have been able to fulfill their desires and participate in real Eyes Wide Shut parties. In order to give anyone the chance to have such a dream experience, the venue of Castle Event Parties changes according to their needs and makes use of unusual and, above all, luxurious venues. Here, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an imaginative and alien world and share their experiences and impressions with their partners and other high-profile guests.

Castleevents team

A trusted, loyal and over all well-rehearsed team is one of the key factors for the successful planning and implementation of every Eyes Wide Shut Party. Our longtime team members have all been carefully examined and selected to ensure the best possible service to the esteemed guests of Castle Events. This exclusive service begins with the registration at an event on our website and leads through the reception committee to the end of the respective event. Our consistently motivated team always has an open ear for questions from the guests and makes every effort to assist each and every one of us. The stimulation of the imagination and the enjoyment with all senses are always in the foreground and grant the guests an unforgettable experience in an oasis of stagnation, where you can not only plunge into unbridled fantasies, but also simply into a feeling of absolute bliss. Each and every member of the team contributes to the absolutely unique experience of the guests - the trained security staff guarantee the complete protection of the guests throughout the event and the musicians, DJs and performers provide the right atmosphere during the individual stages of the parties. Thus, the guests always feel at home at Castle Events and can unwind and let their imagination run free.

Offical trailer

The official trailer was filmed under real conditions at an Eyes Wide Shut Party to give guests and prospects the most authentic and genuine impression possible of such an event. At the same time, the guests appearing in it consciously put themselves in scene to present the whole splendor of the event. These recordings were made between the dinner and the beginning of the ceremony in a luxurious castle in Alsace, France, during which the entire process of the party is summed up. However, when passing through the castle grounds, not only is the Premium Ring presented - every single guest is asked for an access password and then welcomed by the reception committee. This additional protection serves as a measure of the well-being of the aristocratic society at Castle Events. 

In our "Boutique d'Amour" individual copies of the future event outfits can be purchased or rented. The selection consists mainly of handmade capes, where the finest materials have been processed and Venetian masks, which provide not only for a certain anonymity, but also for the incomparable, imaginative feeling in the castle. The Venetian masks are traditionally made in a selected Spanish manufactory, with each piece being a true one of a kind. These luxurious utensils are created primarily for the ceremony that forms the transition to the mysterious, erotic world. Of course, every single piece of attention is paid to hygiene, which is why all masks and capes are subjected to a professional cleaning after each event.  Another noteworthy part of the Eyes Wide Shut Parties is the fun part of the event in the in-house nightclub. Here, the night is made to day and it can be celebrated "until you drop". Our DJs provide the guests with music from different directions and epochs, so that really is for everyone the right thing.


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