Due to the current situation, we take the opporunity to learn more about our valued members and guests. The following questions helps us to make the right decisions and offer the best possible service.

Does corona affect your need and desire to travel?

From which month would you like to travel again for a weekend trip or combined with a vacation?

Have you already attended one of our parties?

If yes, how often?

Have you already booked and paid a party this year, if so which ones?

Which of the following parties would you like to attend?

Would you agree to a quick corona test after arrival at the hotel, before admission to the party?


Would you like to get to know other participants already the evening before?


Additional parties

Would you be interested in more parties and other theme?


Would a nun costume awakens erotic fantasies and would you (female) wearing it?

Suggestion of Location

We are very satisfied and happy with the parties of Castleevents. From a scale of 1-10 which grade do you give us?
1 = bad, 10 = phenomenal

Website Relaunch

Could you imagine sharing videos with other members?

Would you like to receive or watch videos from other members?

The most important functions for me are as follow.

We are