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"One of the things you must do before you die.." - DT Magazine, Spain

Saturday, 13 Aug 2022 - France

The party of the year 2022

The party of the year 2022, which lives up to the prestige of Castleevents. A symbiosis of harmony and adventure.

This is the best way to describe the remote property, including an impressive castle, where this exciting night of superlatives will take place in the middle of France, right on the Loire, the economic and cultural lifeline of the region.

Archiv (similar parties from the past)

In times of social distance, places of peace, contemplation and confidentiality are as trendy as the warmth in winter. A sophisticated castle on an estate that would have delighted even the kings of France. A place that is almost unsurpassable in exclusivity. A location that meets our requirements for the Castleevents Party of the Year 2022 with flying colors. But peace, contemplation and confidentiality? Isn't boredom next? Not at all: because this is where the adventure comes into play in the form of the illustrious company, which will make the property and castle a place of sensuality, longing and desire that night. An exclusive company that will also include you if you decide to participate in this hot party night in the middle of Ile-de-France. A decision that is not really a decision: because being there is simply mandatory here. Mark this event in red in the calendar. Because the party night of the year 2022 is the event that will put even the festivals of the former rulers of France in the shade!

  • Castle
  • Five Star Location
  • Gourmet
  • Rooms & Suites
  • Delicious Dinner
  • Airport Service
  • Ceremony
  • Premium Offers
  • Live Music & Show
  • Lady entry available
  • Mask & Capes available
  • Dresscode
  • Cape Required
  • Venetian Masks
  • Dresscode Black Tie
  • For Couples only

Airport Tours 30 minutes, Airport Le Mans 60 minutes, Airport Paris Orly 2 hours, Airport Nantes 2 hours, Airport Bordeaux 3 hours, Airport Toulouse 5h , Airport Geneva 5 hours, Airport Basel Mulhouse 6 hours,


EUR 1.500,00/ couple
(Couples & Single ladies only)

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