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Featuring one new track and five remixes, Illuminati is one of three late 2002 EPs from Fatboy Slim (along with Camber Sands and The Pimp) that are based on material from his 2000 record, Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars. After a flood of imports, bootlegs, and singles that have already been released in Halfway's wake, "i"Illuminati distinguishes itself on the strength of its single original track, "Illuminati." Featuring Bootsy Collins on vocals, the song peels paint off walls as efficiently as Slim's "Because We Can" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack did last year. Filling out the record are some of the more innovative remix tracks that have been done from Halfway's material, including Timo Maas's take on "Star 69" and a nocturnal, trance-based mix of "Sunset" from Darren Emerson. If you're a Fatboy completist (and God help you if you are), or if you've been unable to track down these remixes, Illuminati offers an interesting extension of Halfway's vaguely mystical themes and playfully adventurous house music. "i"--Matthew Cooke


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